Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Two lonely guys, two unforgettable gals, and a town full of “stardust”...Texas will never be the same.

Full-length novel, full of love & laughs
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It’s the modern-day Wild West when two wandering black sheep return to claim the women they left. Difficult women. Jileana has spent years pining for Jack, while at the same time praying she never sees him again. Mind you, she has her reasons, and they’re good ones. But not good enough to withstand the impact of an old man’s deathbed confession. Now long-lost Jack is back. And Jil’s about to take the tumble of her life!

Meanwhile, Harper pursues Evangeline, who chased him off decades ago (she had her reasons, too). He’s hoping to bury the hatchet, but fifty years hasn’t been quite enough time for Evangeline’s temper to cool, and the only place she wants to bury it is in Harper’s head. Both couples have an uphill climb ahead of them. The road to love is a madcap obstacle course, but at least it runs through the right little town...dusty Star, Texas, a place where hearts can heal and dreams really can come true.

Review Snips:
5 Angels & a FAR Recommended Read: “Mimi Riser’s talent for the written word is outstanding. Her ability to bring these characters to life and into your heart will leave you laughing, crying and cheering for the underdog.” ~Mary, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Stars: “Everything about this story is just perfectly done. It was such a treat to witness Harper’s dogged pursuit of Vangie and Jack’s determination to finally have Jil along with all the madcap wackiness erupting around them.” ~Susan, eCataRomance Reviews

5 Cups: “...a pleasure to read...upbeat and entertaining...strong and vibrant... This book cries out to be put on the keeper shelf.” ~Johnna, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 Blue Ribbons: “...a wonderful, whimsical novel, which will have you laughing and seeing first hand what true Texas grit is all about. A guaranteed pleaser!” ~Nadine, Romance Junkies