Friday, April 27, 2012

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Off-the-cuff and Off-the-wall! An eccentric collection of articles, essays, and science-fiction that begins with the insightful (or possibly insane) musings of propellerhead Rob Riser. What is a propellerhead? You’ll find out in “Propellerheads-iconoclasts” (aka “Pi”). From there, if you dare, move on to “Einstein Was Light…er, Right?” (which features a real life UFO sighting) and “Don’t Let the Gravity Get You Down” followed by “Tai Chi and the Science of Bowing a Fiddle” and “The Selfless Ones.” Then, if your brain hasn’t exploded yet, you’ll be all set for “The Robin Flies Again,” a shiny new space opera vignette from the warped imagination of Mimi Riser (who’s still wondering what spawned the holoid). Sound strange? It is! But it’s all in good fun--a wild and wacky bunch of reading that’s sure to put a smile on your face and odd ideas in your head.

Free on Kindle now through Monday (April 26-30)